Job Role: Officer/Executive

Department: Production

Location: Dahej

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for all process operation / activities during the shift as per CGMP.
  2. To maintain BMR/BPR/BCR etc. for record the batches.
  3. To co-ordinate with engineering department for the shift break down jobs.
  4. To monitor the utility operation in the plant and report any abnormality to concern department.
  5. To handle manpower during the shift as per process operations.
  6. To work in safe work environment and ensure the sub ordinate are working in safe condition.
  7. To check before charging of batch, visual verification of cleanliness status of process equipment.
  8. To maintain good housekeeping in respective area.
  9. To co-ordinate for the raw material from warehouse for receiving the raw materials.
  10. To co-ordinate to QC dept. for In- process and Intermediate testing.
  11. To fill the entire document legible.
  12. To record and maintain all the documents online as per CGMP.
  13. To monitor and record temperature, Humidity and differential pressure in clean area (Level-I, Level-II & III).
  14. To check and record daily weighing balance calibration and verification.
  15. To check all filled documents after completion of activity for submitted to quality assurance department.


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