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Commemorating International Infection Prevention Week, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC introduces the latest innovation in IV Infusion for the first time in Mumbai

Mumbai, India:  P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mahim is one of the leading institutes focusing its efforts to create awareness around the increasing trend and effective management of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). 

AMR also known as antimicrobial drug resistance, occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi etc.  change in such a way that the medications used to treat infections they cause are rendered ineffective. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared AMR as one of the top 10 global health threats facing humanity. In 2019, The Lancet, a medical journal revealed that such resistance directly caused approximately 1,270,000 deaths worldwide.  India has one of the highest rates of AMR in the world, and according to government’s data released in 2019 these infections claim lives of close to 700,000 Indians annually.

AMR infections usually require the use of second line and third line treatments which can cause serious side-effects, such as organ failure and prolonged care and recovery, which could go on for months. The overall misuse and overuse of consumption of antibiotics which should only be used to treat the most serious infections like difficult-to-treat bacterial infections, and poor infection prevention and control, increase the spread of AMR. This rise in mortality and morbidity due to AMR infections is very alarming and the WHO and CDC have suggested that steps can and should be taken at all levels of society to reduce the impact and control the spread of resistance. Individuals, policy makers (government), healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry should all collectively contribute towards reducing the incidence of AMR infections.

“Stakeholders across India are working together to combat the alarming rate of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). While all precautions are taken, this challenge frequently extends beyond basic hospital hygiene and is rapidly becoming a global health concern. Adopting antimicrobial stewardship is a critical component of this, and one of the first steps that must be taken is to raise awareness and understanding of AMR through effective communication. At P.D Hinduja Hospital, we believe in bringing about a change in society and reaching greater heights in the service of humanity; and be at the forefront of bringing global quality medical solutions for the benefit of our patients. P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC is one of ICMR’s state center for antimicrobial stewardship and serves as a mentor for other institutes in the city.” commented, Mr. Joy Chakraborty, Chief Operating Officer, P.D Hinduja Hospital & MRC.

While there is no standardized region wise data on resistance rates, a few reports from hospitals and communities suggest that the overall resistance level is increasing by 5 to 10% every year for broad-spectrum antimicrobials which are highly misused.  A data analysis done by Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) between January 1 and December 31, 2021, found a sustained increase in drug-resistant pathogens, resulting in difficulty to treat certain infections with available medicines. This is a major concern because a resistant infection can spread to others and potentially impose huge costs to individuals and society. 

Mr. Shyamakant Giri, Managing Director & President, India Business and Emerging Markets, Amneal Healthcare said “As industry patrons, it is also our responsibility to develop or collaborate in developing platforms which help in preventing transmission of hospital infections and antimicrobial drug resistance. Uniport is a first-of-its-kind closed IV technology platform that is being manufactured by Amneal for India, in India. This will set new standards for delivery of IV solutions in the country. The INICC (International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium), recommends use of closed infusion systems for administration of clinical treatments in hospitals. The government of India has taken several measures to control the rise of AMR in India, we look forward to partnering with stakeholders like P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC to reduce this burden by increasing access to this innovative technology for advanced care.”

Amneal Healthcare, subsidiary of NYSE-listed Amneal Pharmaceuticals, announced its commercial operations in India recently. Uniport is a safe IV with multipurpose single port bag offering a versatile and adaptive closed-infusion system. The Uniport bag introduces several technological advancements for optimum utilization like self-collapsibility, easy to squeeze, transparency for clear visibility. 

About P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre: 

P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, part of the Hinduja Group, started as a clinic in 1951 and is today ranked as one of the leading multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals in the country. For over seven decades, this institute has worked to ensure that world-class healthcare delivery is provided to all. It currently has two units, one at Mahim with 400 beds and the other at Khar with 100 beds. Both the units are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and has on-board some of the best nationally and internationally recognized doctors. P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Mahim has always been an early adopter of technology in delivery of care; being amongst the first few hospitals in the country to bring in the most advanced fully integrated Robotics System, Gama Knife, Digital Broadband MRI with ambient themes, True Beam Linear Accelerator and more. Quality care being the focus, it was amongst the early few hospitals that has been accredited and certified by NABH, CAP, and ISO. It continues to partner with leading International Institutes, latest being an arrangement with The Division of AIDS (NIAID, NIH), U.S.A, to establish a center of excellence for infectious disease research in India. P. D. Hinduja Hospital has consistently been bestowed with several Best Multi-Specialty Hospital awards by different industry bodies. In the Newsweek World’s Best Hospital Survey in 2020 and 2021, it was ranked No.1 in western India, 3rd amongst private hospitals in India and 6th amongst all hospitals in India. On the Charity front, the hospital provides free or concessional treatment to the needy and also runs the Serve with Passion rural health programme, under which free healthcare services are provided to the tribal areas in Maharashtra.

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